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A Sample Thesis Abstract





            There had been a number of researches that investigated on the function of personality questionnaire in employee recruitment and appraisal. This study was then conducted in order to identify other important aspects of personality tests as a tool for conducting different human resource procedures. Specifically, this research aimed to identify the role and reliability level of personality questionnaires based on the perspectives of selected HR personnel. Advantages and disadvantages of personality tests were also identified. To gather the needed data, a survey questionnaire was used. Weighted means were computed to analyze the answers of the participants. The results showed that the respondents agree that personality questionnaire is capable of identifying various personal attributes an ideal employee must have. This in turn benefits the company as it enables them to align attributes with specific job specifications. This also helps in reducing employee turnover rate, resolving workplace conflicts and enhancing productivity. Nonetheless, respondents also agree that the accuracy of the scores obtained from the test results is difficult to ensure considering that the applicants could easily fake their answers. Moreover, legal and discriminatory issue had been correlated to this recruitment tool. As stated from literatures, these finding clearly emphasizes the need for personality test users to ensure the reliability and validity of the questionnaires. Items that point to discrimination should be taken out. Furthermore, outcomes of employee recruitment and appraisal can be more successful by combining personality tests with other tools for employment.



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